What is Direct Access?

Effective September 1, 2019, Texans can now see a physical therapist without a prescription!

The new law allows physical therapy evaluation and treatment for 15 business days by a physical therapist that possesses a DPT degree, has at least one year of experience, and has also completed a residency or fellowship.

The new law allows evaluation and treatment for 10 business days, by a physical therapist with a DPT degree (absent of fellowship or residency), and at least one year of experience. Physical therapists with BS and MSPT degrees will also be required to complete 30 hours of continued competency in differential diagnosis.

At AMTA, we have always been committed to excellence and have continually held ourselves to a higher standard of care. As such, we currently have four Physical Therapists on staff that possess a DPT degree and have completed residency and fellowship training in orthopedic manual therapy. We have another five Physical Therapists that possess a DPT degree and are currently enrolled in completing their residency and fellowship training.

You have our promise and commitment to continue to expect the highest level of care from all of our clinicians, for every patient that we see, whether that is through the traditional referral from a physician, or through the new Direct Access process.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any specific questions as we navigate this new era of physical therapy in Texas.

For more details regarding Direct Access, please visit the TPTA.org website or click the link below.