Optimum Recovery Program

We at Austin Manual Therapy are proud to offer our new Optimum Recovery Program. What this program offers:

Direct contact with one of our expert and highly specialized Physical Therapists during your entire session, for your entire course of treatment.

  • No overlapping appointments with other clients allowing your therapist to devote all of their attention to your specific needs
  • Improved quality of care specifically designed for you
  • Potential for overall lower cost at treatment by decreasing the frequency and total number of visits over the course of your care.
  • Cost of your time: less travel and less wait
  • Medicare requires physical therapy in Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities to be direct and 1:1 Why?
    • Better outcomes
    • Shorter stays
    • Lower cost

You deserve the same benefits from your outpatient physical therapy

Flat fee for service

  • All costs known up front with no additional charges, fee, or bills
  • Eliminates the confusion of co-pays and co-insurances
  • Appropriate paper work to assist you in filling your out-of-network claims
  • Access to our knowledgeable billing staff to assist you in filling your out-of-network claims

The Breakdown: With the Optimum Recovery Program the trend is that you will have both fewer visits per week and fewer total visits overall due to the very personal and focused care you receive. You will find that your overall out-of-pocket expense versus regular insurance-based services is comparable.  For example if you have a $30 copay in network and have to be seen 3 times per week you will spend $90/week in copays, whereas in our Optimum Recovery Program you are seen weekly for $120 (and a portion of this can be reimbursed directly to you from your insurance or applied to your deductible accrual).

Optimum Recovery Program: 8-week program consisting of 8 visits at $120, total gross out of pocket cost = $960. Assuming your insurance covers 50% - 80%, your total Net out of pocket cost = $192 - $480

Regular Insurance Based Program: 8 weeks at 2-3 times per week with a $30 copay = $480 - $720

**Please be advised:

  • Your insurance policy must have out-of-network benefits for you to claim your reimbursement
  • HMO programs will not reimburse this program
  • Medicare beneficiaries cannot take advantage of this program