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"I have worked with several other therapists and groups, and these guys are the best! They not only show me the various exercises and stretches but they teach me about what we are targeting each time, the affected anatomy and how to modify the activities and pace myself. James does an excellent job of supervising and teaching the other the therapists too. They are firm about keeping up with the exercises and but also insistent on not doing anything that becomes painful which is important to me because I tend to push myself."                           

 ~Mary T.                                 

"My experience has been exceptional! Can’t think of anything you could do to improve "
~Leann C.

"I love coming to therapy! I’m finally pain free; no more stiffness in my neck and back when I wake up in the morning. I like the way James explains everything to me and how I’ve improved so quickly. I’d been suffering silently for years not knowing that something could have helped. Now I know and I would highly recommend Austin Manual Therapy Associates to anyone in need of pain relief. Manual therapy works!"
~Jessica S.

"The service is excellent. I like how the therapists try to focus on the science of the problem. I also like the ancillary equipment used in addition to manual therapy."
~Gayle Y.

"Extremely pleased would better describe this PT session. Ben listens to me and provides the appropriate therapy, reinforcements of my home exercises and has me moving in a positive direction for my goal of being discharged from physical therapy. I would highly recommend Austin Manual Therapy Associates to anyone in need of the highest quality of care. As you can tell, I am an extremely satisfied customer."
~Donna S.

"James Harris and the staff at Austin Manual Therapy are very knowledgeable, compassionate and focused on getting you better. I would like to say thank you to James and Austin Manual Therapy for caring and for helping me alleviate my hip pain during my pregnancy."
~Rebecca F.

"Mary is great! I have been pretty high-maintenance as a patient for this injury. Mary has been exceedingly thoughtful, attentive and sensitive to my concerns."
~Kerry E.

"The service is exceptional. Very friendly office staff. Always accommodating my schedule. Always greeted me by name."
~Sherry L. E.

Everyone has been extremely patient and understanding of my needs. I have been impressed with all the therapists and staff."
~Elizabeth P.

"I am extremely pleased with the quality of services I’ve received at Austin Manual Therapy Associates. The staff is very caring. We’ve (Little Tesoros Therapy Services) already referred several people to your clinic."
~Anna W.

"Excellent service! As a former gymnast and avid jogger I have tendencies to aggravate old injuries and sometimes create new ones. The staff at Austin Manual Therapy has always been there for me in my recovery to wellness. Their approach to overall wellness is top rate. I recommend them highly."
~Alicia K.