Post Surgical Rehab

Comprehensive care to help patients get back to their routine

Following a surgery, returning a person to prior physical function is our main concern. The Austin Manual Therapy staff is highly trained in rapidly returning patients to their daily activities while protecting the integrity of their surgical repair. We offer a variety of effective rehab programs for all orthopedic postsurgical procedures.

Our rehab programs are based on restoring function using evidence-based protocols. We have developed several protocols for certain post-surgical procedures that we use as a guideline on which your rehabilitation program is centered. Simply, we want you to move pain free and to avoid future injuries.

Continuity of Care
We achieve continuity of care by having the same physical therapist treat you each visit so your progress can be accurately monitored. Each physical therapist is committed to delivering quality care that builds patient and physician trust. Some of the postsurgical challenges we treat include:

  • ACL rehab
  • Meniscus tears/injuries
  • Cervical & Lumbar surgeries
  • Total joint replacements (shoulder, hip, and knee)
  • Rotator cuff repairs

Whether you have had surgery to correct an extremity injury or a total joint replacement, let us help. We keep in close contact with referring orthopedic surgeons and follow rehab protocols that your physician establishes. All of our physical therapists are board-certified and fellowship-trained. We offer comprehensive hands-on physical therapy, biomechanical evaluation and muscle strengthening/conditioning to help prevent future injuries.